Heat Trace Tube Bundle

Mustang Sampling’s Heat Trace Tube Bundle is the patented power connection that provides power to the sample conditioning system and transports the Analytically Accurate® heated gas sample to an analyzer. This unique dual functionality eliminates the need for additional power at the sample point and helps avoid Joule-Thomson cooling.

Small diameter lines are heated for many reasons including freeze protection (winterization), reduced viscosity, and keeping gas samples above their dew point. These can be critical for process accuracy, emissions compliance, and even plant operation. Mustang Sampling’s cut-to-length constant watt electric heat trace tube bundle is designed to provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance. The construction of the heat trace tube bundle makes it exceptionally durable and suitable for process analyzer applications within Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquid and Biogas Sample Conditioning Systems. The patented power connection heat trace tube bundle runs from the Analyzer building to Mustang Sampling’s Systems and enclosures which are close couple to one another at the source.


The heat-shrinkable entry seal provides a waterproof fitting where Mustang Sampling’s heat trace tube bundle enters an enclosure such as a Pony® Heated Probe Enclosure, Mustang® P53® Sample Conditioning System, Pony® Sample Conditioning System or a Mustang NGL Sample Conditioning System. The thermally stabilized, modified polyolefin entry seal and boot combination consist of a threaded assembly that seals at the enclosure and a heat-shrinkable nose that seals to the heat trace tube bundle. Using a heat shrink end seal boot is suggested for all exposed ends. This installation will provide an ideal weather seal protection for gas sample conditioning systems.



  • Long circuit lengths
  • Multi-Component Bundle
  • Insulated heat trace
  • Consistent watt density per unit length
  • Not subject to high inrush current on start-up
  • Integral 1/4” OD x 0.035” wall 316/316L SS Seamless tubing
  • Maximum Pressure: 5100 psig


  • Keeps gas samples above their dew point, helps prevent the Joule-Thomson effect
  • Certified Electrical Heat-Tracing
  • • Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
  • • FM and CSA approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Process tubing is MR0175; Petroleum and natural gas industries - Materials for use in H2S containing environments in oil and gas production
  • Conforms to API 14.1 Guidelines
  • Freeze protection
  • No steam cleaning
  • Excellent means of maintaining very long, continuous lengths of impulse lines and piping at consistent temperatures end-to-end
  • Reduces installation and maintenance requirements