As an industry leading pioneer, Mustang Sampling is often called upon for training on a wide variety of analyzers, software, and sample conditioning systems.  The Mustang Sampling® Mobile Training Lab (MTL) offers customizable technical training opportunities at our main facility or at your field location.  From Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of products to field-service and repair, Mustang Sampling can facilitate the needs of measurement engineers and technicians. The lab is stocked with commonly used Natural Gas, NGL & LNG sampling systems, analyzers and equipment for a complete hands-on training experience.

  • Sample conditioning
  • Sample regulation
  • Sample control
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Gas Analyzers

Mustang Sampling will tailor the training experience to suit any company’s experience level.  From beginners to advanced users requiring specialized courses, technicians will gain a thorough understanding of the products and related software in a hands-on environment. Courses may be used for continuing education units for future certifications.

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