Natural Gas Liquids

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) are derivatives of natural gas and are used extensively as fuels, feedstock for petrochemical plants, and in the production of plastic.  Natural Gas Liquid production associated with nonconventional shale drilling has created a surge in the availability of liquids and furthered the need to handle these liquids properly.

Natural Gas Liquids are found naturally within natural gas formations but change physical states (gas, liquid, or solid) depending upon the pressure and temperature.  The state within the reservoir at very high pressures and temperatures may be different than the same composition at the surface of the well.  Safe handling and appropriate processing of Natural Gas Liquids requires intimate knowledge of phase behavior and control.


Natural Gas Liquids

Mustang Sampling is an industry pioneer and a leading provider of Analytically Accurate® systems for Natural Gas Liquids.  Each product or system is specially designed to transport a natural gas liquid sample from the pipeline to the analyzer(s) without changing the composition of the sample itself, regardless of phase.  Mustang Sampling achieves this by controlling the phase transition using a specially designed vaporizing system.  This “representative” sample is then used for the analysis of the natural gas liquid composition for monetary value (custody transfer), plant balance, compliance, or safety.

Liquefaction Process Plant in the Heart of the Marcellus Shale Region

Mustang Sampling showcases “behind the scenes” analytically accurate® products and systems at a liquefaction processing plant.

Analytically Accurate® Sample Conditioning Systems

Analytically Accurate® Sample Conditioning Products

Mustang® Vaporizer

The Mustang Vaporizer (MV®) flash vaporizes liquid samples for introduction into gas analysis systems. Liquid samples are maintained near line...

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Heat Trace Tube Bundle

Heat Trace Tube Bundle

Mustang Sampling’s Heat Trace Tube Bundle is the patented power connection that provides power to the sample conditioning system and...

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Sampling and Analysis for Natural Gas Liquids

Analytically Accurate® Solutions and Technology for Natural Gas Liquids

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If not controlled properly, liquids and gases can coexist within the process and sampling systems, each moving with a different velocity through the system, making it impossible to deliver a representative sample to the analyzer.

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