Instrumentation and Control Buildings

Mustang Sampling offers a wide range of instrumentation and control buildings for field use in the natural gas transmission, natural gas processing, and natural gas liquid markets.  Mustang Sampling Buildings are constructed from non-combustible materials within a heavy-gauge steel framework to meet the design load and sizes required for specific applications.  From the simplest metering station to the most complex facility with multiple and varied analyzers and metering sections for custody transfer, Mustang Sampling can provide a solution.

Mustang Sampling’s facility in Ravenswood, WV is the home to dedicated construction and electrical crews specializing in industrial building design and fabrication.  The facility provides ample workspace for factory trained crews to build and wire each custom designed building, install the necessary mechanical, electrical, and analytical equipment, and to host a full Factory Acceptance Test on each building.  This means your buildings are designed, built, and tested in the United States from start to finish.  Mustang Sampling will also provide a wide range of project management with dedicated leaders to accommodate customer requirements.

Mustang Sampling provides the following building types along with customized buildings not listed:

  • Meter buildings
  • Analyzer buildings
    • Gas chromatography (Btu analyzer)
    • Moisture analyzer
    • H2S analyzer
    • Total sulfur analyzer
    • Hydrocarbon dew point analyzer
    • Mercury analyzer
  • Pipeline Monitoring stations
  • Compressor control buildings
  • Telemetry stations
  • Odorant Injection Buildings
  • Measurement & Regulation buildings
  • RTU Buildings
  • Auxiliary buildings
  • Glycol pump injection buildings
  • Storage buildings