SoftView® LITE Software

The SoftView LITE Software is designed to provide the user with an easy-to-use interface to the “smart” Mustang Sampling product. The software operates as a Modbus “master” on a communications network. The SoftView LITE software supports both a demand poll and auto-poll interface to the instrument.

SoftView LITE software provides the user with a local or remote interface to the Mustang Sampling instrument. SoftView LITE software saves the acquired measurement data in a history log file allowing the user to monitor measurement history and to review the performance history of the instrument. The software also supports features which can allow the user to configure the instrument through the GUI interface and SCADA Gateway.

Download SoftView® LITE


  • Real time monitoring and history logging & trending of vaporizer and GC data during the LNG load/offload
  • New Windows GUI Client to simplify User Interface
  • Modbus TCP protocol driver for instrument client interface and server interface to DCS/SCADA System
  • Concurrent Interface to up to 5 Vaporizers and Multiple GC Streams
  • RS232, RS485, or IP Interface to Vaporizers for Monitoring and data recording
  • “Station Network” feature for user review and analysis of latest station point data and point alarm status
  • Can define Alarm Limits and measurement ranges for Station Points


  • Plant DCS/SCADA Operator can optionally access SoftView® PLUS and SoftView® LNG acquired data from DCS or SCADA System via the Modbus TCP or Serial Modbus Server interface
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10