Mustang Intelligent Vaporizer Sampling System® Model 3

The Mustang Intelligent Vaporizer Sample Conditioning System– Model 3 (MIV3®) provides a fresh spot gas sample from a Liquefied Natural Gas stream for non-custody transfer applications. The MIV3 operates manually and delivers an Analytically Accurate® sample through controlled vaporization, accumulation, and homogenization of a multiple stage system. 


VAPORIZING: Available in a single-path design. The MIV3 flash vaporizes liquid samples for introduction into gas analysis systems. Liquid samples are maintained near line conditions until reaching a flash chamber within the vaporizer, preventing pre-vaporization. The energy for vaporization is provided by an electric cartridge heater with sufficiently large surface area to maintain a stable gas temperature throughout the process and send the sample to the Mustang® Accumulator for restructuring.

ACCUMULATING: The Mustang® Accumulator Cylinder is designed with a special impingement tube to aid in the absorption of pressure pulsations and homogenization of gasified LNG.

A vapor return bypass flow control system is controlled by an armored flowmeter with a valve.The vapor is sent to the vapor return or flare.

PRESSURE REGULATING: This system uses a non-heated regulator to reduce the pressure to the sample cylinders.


  • Continuous gas flow design
  • Integral flow restrictor on inlet
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure


  • Instantaneous vaporization of a liquid sample
  • Prevents post-vaporization hydrocarbon liquid dropout
  • Provides a homogenous sample
  • Provides an accurate and reliable representative sample
  • Easy maintenance
  • Supplies manual grab samples to multiple analyzers
  • Dedicated software platform for operating, monitoring, trending, and reporting (see SoftView® Monitor)