Engineering Ingenuity, a History of Innovation and Performance

Mustang Sampling’s history manifested from a need within the gas industry which we answered with an Analytically Accurate® Solution.

Supplying the Demand

Mustang Sampling’s initial sample conditioning design was tested at Dominion’s testing facility in Clarksburg, WV. The sample was setup to result in an accurate sample after taking a large pressure drop within an environment ranging from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the prime conditions for Joule-Thomson cooling.  After 12 hours in testing conditions, the sample held its temperature.  In order to prove the accuracy of the design, a second test was performed at El Paso Corporation’s facility in Houston, TX. The engineering ingenuity of the design proved it would become the leading analytically accurate conditioning system in the industry.

Since those early years, we have possessed the engineering intelligence, patents, and R&D innovations as well as the financial strength to provide the measurement and control industry with the right solutions. Mustang Sampling’s systems are field proven since the turn of the century and unsurpassed for sample conditioning accuracy. Our vision is to be the best measurement and control provider of analytically accurate solutions to the energy industry.

We have become a trusted partner within the energy industry. They depend on us for analytically accurate gas measurement and control over the long-run. We understand the environment and appreciate the fact that everything needs to work in the environment in which it is deployed. Our approach enables our solutions to withstand high humidity, salt air, high temperatures, and extreme cold.