How to tackle the challenges of LNG, NGL Sampling

Kevin Warner, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer for Mustang Sampling talks about How to tackle the challenges of LNG, NGL Sampling in the August Issue of BIC Magazine. 

The modern natural gas industry in the U.S. has existed since 1836, when the city of Pittsburgh created a natural gas distribution system for lighting. In the U.S. today, natural gas is quickly becoming the leading fossil fuel energy choice, consumed domestically and exported globally as liquefied natural gas (LNG). Additionally, natural gas provides a critical chemical feedstock in the production of plastics, organic chemicals, ammonia and several other petroleum products. Shale gas regions in Texas, the Rocky Mountains and the Northeast have changed projections of the country from net import to net export within a decade. The associated wet gas, or natural gas with higher ethane, propane and butane components than conventional dry gas, in shale regions has led to a steady supply of natural gas liquids (NGLs). As a leading supplier of sample conditioning products and services in the natural gas and NGL markets, Mustang Sampling is prepared to tackle the challenges of sampling associated with the processing of these difficult but valuable gas mixtures. Read more