Mustang Sampling Updates its Mobile Training Lab

Get Conditioned to Mustang Sampling bringing you a Sample of our latest Analytically Accurate® Technology.  We have updated the Mustang Sampling® Mobile Training Lab.

Customers will get a chance to see our latest technology in gas sampling for Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids and Biogas.  The Mobile Training Lab also houses gas analyzers and gas chromatographs from the leading suppliers within the gas industry.

Natural Gas Systems and Products

  • Mustang® P53
  • Pony® Probe Enclosure
  • Mustang® P53 direct mount
  • Mustang® P53 multi probes in/multi sample lines out (4 inputs & 2 outputs)
  • Pony® Sample Conditioning System for wet gas applications
  • Mustang® Modular Analyzer Distribution Panel (MMADP®)
  • Mustang® Modular Sample Control Panel (MMSCP®)
  • NA/ATEX/IECEx certified Mustang® Heated Regulator
  • NA/ATEX/IECEx certified Mustang® Joule-Thomson Regulator

NGL Units

  • Mustang® Pressure Regulating Vaporizer Sample Conditioning System with filtration and shut down system
  • Mustang® Pressure Regulating Vaporizer Sample Conditioning System sample pump

NGL and LNG Products

  • NA/ATEX/IECEx Mustang® Vaporizer
  • Mustang Certiprobe® sample extractor for liquids and Cyrogenics

Vist the Mustang Sampling® Mobile Training Lab to review many new analytical devices installed and working with Mustang Sampling products to protect your analyzers producing Anialicaly Accurate® results.

For further details on scheduling the MTL contact us by filling out our Mobile Training Lab form.