Mustang Sampling expands its mounting bracket line with the quick release Certidaptor™ Mounting Bracket.

The Certidaptor Mounting Bracket is used to aid in gas and liquid sample extraction from a pipeline within the Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids and Liquefied Natural Gas Industries.

Houston, TX – November 21, 2017 – Mustang Sampling the innovator of Analytically Accurate® Technology and Solutions within sample conditioning systems announces the launch of the Certidaptor™ Mounting Bracket.  The Certidaptor Mounting Bracket is used to aid in gas and liquid sample extraction from a pipeline.

The internationally registered and patent pending Mustang Certidaptor™ Mounting Bracket is a uniquely configured probe housing element particularly suitable as a companion to the Mustang Pony® Probe Enclosure. Use of a Certidaptor mounting bracket eliminates the need to disassemble an overlying housing element from an enclosed adapter body and dispenses with disassembling the adaptor body from the pipeline.

Nick Wolfe, the Certidaptor creator and Assembly Manager for Mustang Sampling commented, “We work closely with our customers in the field and noticed a trend when dealing with insertion probes. Our customers wanted a way for the Pony® Heated Probe Enclosure to stay mounted while the probe was removed. The situation in the field only allowed for the entire system to be disassembled when a filter or probe needs changing. The Certidaptor has a user-friendly design particularly compatible with the Pony Probe Enclosure. We have had immense success in the field and believe the Certidaptor provides next-generation mounting capability for field techs.”

The threaded adaptor mounts directly into a threadolet and the outer diameter is available in various sizes.  The Certidaptor Mounting Bracket is compatible with most insertion probes and works in conjunction with the CertiSeries™ line of products including the Certiprobe® Threaded and Flanged Sample Extractor and Certiblanket™ Thermal Insulator.