Mustang Sampling Showcases the NEW Mustang Mobile Training Lab at ISHM

Visit Mustang Sampling at the 94th International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) May 13-16, 2019. The NEW MUSTANG MOBILE TRAINING LAB contains over 50 feet of Analytically Accurate® Technology.  The equipment ranges from natural gas sample conditioning systems including analyzers to Mustang Intelligent Vaporizers for the LNG Industry.

Join Mustang Sampling, The MOBILE TRAINING LAB and Christian Fittipaldi at ISHM.

94 Years of Oil and Gas Training in Hydrocarbon Measurement

The purpose of the ISHM School, with the cooperation and support of the University of Oklahoma, other sponsoring associations, regulatory commissions, the operating companies within the petroleum industry and the manufacturing firms who service the industry, is to provide instruction in both technical and non-technical subjects for personnel in the industry.

In this way, problems that pertain to the measurement, control, and handling of both gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons may be studied so that useful and accurate information can be developed and published for the benefit of the public in general. The data and information found in the school classrooms and in the published Proceedings provides great value to all who are engaged in this phase of the industry.