Mustang Sampling expands its sample conditioning systems portfolio in Natural Gas Liquids with the Mustang® Cryogenic Liquid Composite Sample System

The patent pending Mustang Sampling Cryogenic Liquid Composite Sample System provides for efficient takeoff and storage of a cryogenic liquid sample while maintaining phase stability.

Houston, TX December 13, 2021 – Mustang Sampling is an industry pioneer and a leading provider of Analytically Accurate® systems for Natural Gas Liquids.  Each product or system is specially designed to transport a natural gas liquid sample from the pipeline to the analyzer(s) without changing the composition of the sample itself, regardless of phase.

The Mustang® Cryogenic Liquid Composite Sample System extracts a cryogenic liquid sample, such as ethane, butane, propane, or a mixture thereof, for custody transfer. The system maintains the liquid state by applying adequate pressure to ensure the sample does not cross the vaporization line (or Bubble Point Curve for a mixture) on the substance’s phase curve as the temperature of the sample increases for storage. A constant pressure cylinder is used to store the composite sample for later analysis. The sampling process is a cycle which begins with the purging and evacuating of the volumes throughout the system. As sampling commences, small predetermined volumes of liquids are captured and pumped into the sample holder. The sample volume and sampling frequency are configurable. Once the sampling process is complete, the accumulated volume is representative of the entire cycle and can be analyzed. Spot samples may be obtained at any point in the process, concurrently with the composite sample. The cycle can be repeated by replacing the sample cylinders and reinitiating the evacuation process.