Kevin Warner, Ph.D., to present LNG Composition Analysis as Engine Fuel at the 2021 LNG Bunkering Summit North America

11:00 AM LNG Composition Analysis as Engine Fuel
Conference Day Two- Wednesday 17th November
Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

This session will concentrate on the sampling and analysis of LNG specifically for bunkering and other fuel applications.

  • Bunkering applications experience wider shifts in LNG composition than large scale operations. Why and it what ways does this make analysis more critical?
  • Why do local requirements and limitations often impact end-user’s abilities to guarantee proper LNG composition?
  • Understanding how and why small scale LNG sampling and analysis is markedly different from large scale applications
  • Examining the evolution of analysis techniques and analyzers for LNG composition in line with an increase in demand for real time measurement 

2021 LNG Bunkering Summit North America
To accompany the Global LNG Bunkering Summit, the most established event in the industry, the launch of the LNG Bunkering North American Summit is November 2021. The inaugural North American Summit, coming to Jacksonville 16-17th November 2021, will look at the viability of LNG as a long-term solution, explore the viability of AMFs and provide insights that cannot be found anywhere else into the decision making, planning, development, operation, safety and training processes that are driving the LNG Bunkering market in the region forward.

Discussion will be around the future of the industry gathered in one place with the major players from the entire supply chain: Shipping companies, Law-makers, Ports, Terminals, Oil and Gas companies, Financiers, Classification Societies, and Technology Providers.