Kevin Warner, Ph.D. and Ken Thompson to present at 2023 CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User

Visit with the Mustang Sampling team at the 2023 CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User Conference in Colorado Springs, CO on June 13-15, 2023

Title:  The Impact of Blending Renewable Natural Gas and Hydrogen into Pipelines on Natural Gas Analysis


Blending either Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or Hydrogen into conventional natural gas mixtures is both dilutive to the energy density and potentially introduces contamination not historically present in pipelines.  Each are trade-offs to create a gas mixture with a lower carbon intensity and are important avenues to deliver renewable energy to the consumer market.  Current natural gas analysis techniques do not evaluate the hydrogen content and the presence of hydrogen can complicate many traditional quality measurements routinely performed in our industry.  Additionally, new standards are being developed to better quantify contaminants that may be more likely to enter the pipeline from unconventional sources.  This paper will examine new methods and modifications required to evaluate gas mixtures containing RNG and hydrogen mixtures.