Ken Thompson to Present at the 2022 AGA Operations Conference & Spring Committee Meetings

Ken Thompson, President and CEO will be presenting the following 2 papers at the 2022 AGA Operations Conference in New Orleans, LA the week of May 2-5, 2022

The Impact of Blending Hydrogen into Pipelines on Natural Gas Analysis: 

Blending hydrogen into natural gas creates a gas mixture with a lower carbon intensity and is an important avenue to deliver renewable energy to the consumer market. Current natural gas analysis techniques do not evaluate the hydrogen content and the presence of hydrogen can complicate many traditional quality measurements routinely performed in our industry. This paper will examine new methods and modifications required to evaluate gas mixtures containing hydrogen and other changes necessary to analytical systems used with hydrogen mixtures.

Sulfur Measurement in Renewable Natural Gas Analysis: 

Sulfur dioxide (H2S) and total sulfur measurements are common in traditional wellhead natural gas but meet unique challenges in gas derived from renewable sources. The amount and types of sulfur compounds in RNG vary widely depending on the feedstock (waste products) of the methane produced by anaerobic processes. This paper will explore sulfur measurement techniques used in RNG production processes and the associated challenges.