Ken Thompson to be the Luncheon Speaker at the 2019 Appalachian Storage Hub Conference

NGL sample conditioning

Ken Thompson, President of Mustang Sampling and Valtronics, to present Sample Conditioning and Analysis of Ethane and other Natural Gas Liquids at the 2019 Appalachian Storage Hub Conference on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

Sample conditioning and the subsequent analysis of natural gas and natural gas liquids are critical steps to ensure the safe and proper operation within any petrochemical complex. Additionally, accurate monetization of hydrocarbons is impossible without a complete knowledge of the product composition and conditions.  The presentation will summarize the methods used to determine the composition of natural gas, ethane, and other natural gas liquids at the various stages along the value chain including production, storage, and processing.  Much of the insight will be taken directly from experience gained at the Mont Belvieu, Texas ethane hub over the past sixty years.

About Ken Thompson

Kenneth Thompson, Founder and President of Mustang Sampling brings with him over 30 years of experience in the Gas and Oil industry and the proven ability to lead multi-disciplined and multi-channel teams. Throughout his tenure, Ken has grown the Companies ten-fold by focusing on innovative solutions in the natural gas, NGL, and LNG sampling markets, and is the holder of numerous global technology patents. Utilizing his tenured experience Thompson currently leads the operational Business Units for Mustang Sampling and Valtronics creating a thriving and nurturing environment.