How Analytically Accurate® is your Sampling System?

Acquiring a representative sample from your line is key to an Analytically Accurate® analysis.  With just a small difference in BTU caused from hydrocarbon dewpoint dropout through the Joule-Thomson effect, you can lose thousands of dollars and also obtain an inaccurate quality analysis.

Let’s take a look and see what an Analytically Accurate® Sample Conditioning System can do for you…

Let’s say a conservative MCF value is $1.00/MCF.  With only a BTU inaccuracy of 1 on a station that flows 10,000,000 SCF/day – you’re losing about $300 per month or about $3,600/year… the cost for a decent marketing budget on a small company.

According to Henry Hub, the current MCF value (as of 10/20/2015) is listed at $2.47.  What happens when we’re off by a more accurate difference of 2 BTU on a larger station, say 50,000,000, at this current price?

Daily, you’re looking at an Analytically Accurate® Mustang® Sample Conditioning System saving you $7,500 per month!  That equals to $90,000 annually.  A nice salary… or two, right?

MSCS Savings Calculator

Investing in the Analytically Accurate® line of products is a necessity – not only for the efficient patented power connection, but for the savings and quality control as well. Contact your local representative for more details.