Mustang Sampling joins American Biogas Council

Mustang Sampling is excited to help foster the growth mindset in Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas. American Biogas Council  is a national trade association championing the growth of the biogas industry while working on behalf of manufacturers, policy-makers, digestion operators, and RNG suppliers across America.

Mustang Sampling’s Analytically Accurate solutions provide gas quality measurements throughout the entire RNG value chain. From the Biogas Sample Conditioning System (designed for raw digester gas) to turnkey Analyzer Buildings for custody transfer, Mustang Sampling enables precise and accurate measurements for energy, hydrocarbon composition, moisture, oxygen, CO2, siloxanes, H2S and Total Sulfur, as well as solutions for blending. Our systems are designed to optimize each measurement while ensuring the protection of deployed equipment and personnel.

Mustang Sampling’s RNG solutions assure gas transporters and producers alike the final product meets local tariff requirements. Our solutions conform to API 14.1, meet all hazardous location requirements for C1D1 or C1D2 classifications, and can be used with a wide range of analyzer types and brands. The Analytically Accurate systems utilize Mustang Sampling’s patented Heat Trace power system to provide power.