Mustang Sampling offers training at The 92nd International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM)

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    ISHM 2017

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Mustang Sampling will be at the The 92nd International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 16-18, 2017.  Join Ken Thompson, President of Mustang Sampling, at the Panel Discussion on LNG Measurement by Static and Dynamic Methodologies, Wednesday, May 17th at 2:20 pm.

The 92nd International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) offers you the opportunity to keep current on the latest changes and developments in the field of hydrocarbon measurements. The 2017 school will offer over 260 technical classes that include fundamental classes and special hands on workshops covering a wide range of Gas and Liquid Measurement/Flow topics as well as an extensive educational exhibit area presented by leading manufacturers in the measurement industry. You will find a broad diversity of expertise in our instructors whose backgrounds represent a blend of technical training and industry experience

In addition to taking classes you will have the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry who can offer you practical advice and new ideas.

NGSTech 2018 Save the Date

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NGSTech 2018 planning is in the works.  The 6th biennial conference will be held at a new location; the Houston Marriott Westchase in Houston, TX.

Presentation Topics will include:

  • Fluid Phase & Sampling Simulations
  • Production Technology Advancements in Sampling & Analytical Systems
  • Equations of Sate for Piplines
  • U.S. Regulatory updates for LNG
  • Proper CNG Sample Conditioning

For full details on the NGSTech Conference, visit the NGSTech site: http://www.ngstech.org/

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Vaporization and Sample Conditioning for Floating LNG Bunkering Stations

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A Sample Conditioning System works together at multiple points within a facility to provide a complete Analytically Accurate® transaction between company and client.  Without multiple checkpoints as natural gas, LNG, and NGL are being transferred, analysis may not provide the company with the most return nor the client with the most cost efficient purchase without a quality sample conditioning system in place.  More recent implementations throughout LNG transfer facilities include Floating LNG Bunkering Stations to reduce the need for ships to come into port and increase focus on the end use for whatever that ship is doing - be that shipping cargo, running cruise lines, or any situation where LNG fuel may be of benefit for daily use.

How are Mustang Sampling® products used throughout these systems?

At port, a facility that utilizes floating bunkering stations will require analysis as LNG leaves the facility.  They'll not only want to determine their personal gas quality for the fuel systems they use - but also provide their client with a report of the quality of gas they're receiving.  The Mustang Intelligent Vaporizer Sample Conditioning System® with Soft View® monitor allows them to vaporize their LNG, send a sample through a conditioning system that avoids the Joule-Thomson effect, and monitor this process with reports for documentation and analysis while it is also being sent to other analyzers to monitor the various components within the LNG.

A checks and balances system of LNG Vaporizer and Mustang® Sample Conditioning System on the bunkering station's side allows them to monitor, from their end, the type of product they're receiving.

This same process will be repeated in the floating transition between the bunkering station and the receiving ship - be it the facility's personal LNG ships, or a client that is simply using these floating bunkering stations as refueling purposes for their own needs.

In addition to the company's needs for quality within their business, any ship utilizing these services can require their LNG fueling facilities to have these Analytically Accurate® systems in place, with reports provided during and after transfer, to ensure accountability of the product they're receiving.

Is your facility providing Floating Bunkering Stations?  Let's talk about a system that provides you, and your client, with the most Analytically Accurate® results.

Proud to be American

Mustang Sampling products are made in small town Ravenswood, WV providing local families with quality jobs making quality products that reach across the world.  We're proud to celebrate our Independence with Whelen Engineering, another American-made products company and the Action Express Racing Team at Watkins Glen, NY today.

This is what powers America - what enables you to cook breakfast in the morning and warm your home.

This is the American Dream.


LNG 18 Perth, Australia

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We are excited to see you at the 18th annual LNG 18 International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas in Perth, Australia April 11th-15th..  Stop by our booth, 1307a, and visit with one of our international representatives.  For a floor plan, and to learn more about LNG 18 including registration and classes, visit http://lng18.org/exhibition-floorplan.php.

NGSTech 2016

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Find us next week at booths no. 5 & 6 at the 5th Biennial NGSTech Conference January 20th & 21st - JW Marriott in New Orleans, LA.  Talk to a sales rep., and see what's new in LNG, Natural Gas, and Sample Conditioning and Control.

NGSTech provides educational opportunities for the energy industry as well as for the science and advancement of hydrocarbon sampling.

For full details, visit the conference website:  http://www.ngstech.org/

Finely Tuned for Success – Prospector Magazine Article

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Mustang Sampling is featured in the Fall 2015 edition of Prospector Magazine.  Mustang Sampling's CTO, Kevin Warner, discusses product options, LNG and NGL applications, and capabilities and our recent work for Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC as they become the first company in North America to bunker and offshore support vessel (OSV) with LNG (liquefied Natural Gas).


Click Here for the full article.


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