Fugitive emissions, such as methane - a large component of natural gas, are a source of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.  Working with our clients to reduce GHG emissions is an important aspect of the solutions available with Valtronics and Mustang Sampling

With the addition of the Mustang® P53 Sample Conditioning System being a non-venting device, Valtronics Solutions offers multiple options for enclosures and analyzer buildings to reduce their overall emissions of greenhouse gases.

Emissions control devices available for enclosures and analyzer buildings use catalytic combustion to oxidize the vented sample while maintaining atmospheric pressure.

NG Analyzer Building Emissions Control

Eductor designs can work with the Mustang® Modular Analyzer Distribution Panel to allow various options for driving gas (from inert gas to sample gas) to create a vacuum-like effect from a vent line and push the gas into a return line or flare gas for zero-emissions.


For more information on any of these devices or other options for your station, contact a Valtronics representative today!