Mustang Certicollar® Mounting Brackets

The Mustang Certicollar® Mounting Brackets act as a companion to the Mustang Pony® Probe Enclosure, fitting over various types of probes and probe regulators. Mustang Certicollar mounting brackets aid in the mounting of an enclosure onto the pipeline.

Mustang Certicollar mounting brackets are available in a variety of designs including threaded, non-threaded, or strap-on, dependent on the installation.

As a part of the Mustang CertiSeries® line of products, the Mustang Certicollar mounting bracket line offers multiple options for your specific needs including selections for non-removable housing and probes, and limited spaces.


  • Available in various outer diameters
  • Threaded and non-threaded options
  • Strap and two-piece plate collars


  • Allows mounting of the enclosure onto a pipe
  • Various options allow use with threaded or non-threaded probe


KT-Nut® Threaded Base Adaptor GPR & GP2 Probe w/ existing housing removable during installation
KT-Nut® Non-Threaded Base Adaptor GPR & GP2 Probe w/ existing housing not removable during installation
KT-Nut® 702 Threaded Base Adaptor 702 Probe w/ existing housing removable during installation
Certiplate™ 1-Piece Base Plate w/ Vinyl Cap GPiL Probe and/or locations with strap-on needs
Certiplate™ 2-Piece Base Plate & Collar Existing non-removable probes