Mustang® Corrosion Coupon Holder

The Mustang® Corrosion Coupon Holder (MCCH) secures a corrosion test coupon in the flowing gas by using an orifice fitting. The MCCH allows monitoring of internal corrosion rates throughout a pipeline system without the need of additional access ports.

Metal loss coupons are widely used to measure the rate of internal corrosion in natural gas pipelines.  The MCCH can be used extensively in transmission pipeline systems where orifice fittings already exist for other purposes.

The MCCH is used with a standard orifice plate seal unit (available separately).


  • Patented design
  • Fits into a standard orifice fitting
  • Available in range of sizes
  • High-density polyethylene dielectric barrier


  • Avoid costly installation through dedicated port
  • Short insertion and removal times
  • No construction required
  • Meets integrity requirements of pipeline operators


Coupon Holder Plate 316 SS
Dielectric Insulation High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Nylon screw
Ring Thickness 1/8” thickness for orifice fittings 4”-8”
1/4” thickness for orifice fittings 10” and larger
Other thicknesses available
Plate Nominal Diameter 4” Diameter
6” Diameter
Contact for other sizes