The Mustang Sampling® product line is a system that takes you from your sample point all the way to your analyzers utilizing a patented power connection that conforms to API 14.1 and avoids the costly Joule-Thomson Effect.

Heated and insulated enclosures at the sample point carry your representative sample through regulators designed for your specific pressure needs.  Our modular systems allow easy "plug and play" maintenance while further compacting your system with our distribution panel.

Intelligent vaporization systems combine our Analytically Accurate® sample conditioning systems with intricate software for monitoring, trending, and reporting.

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With a BTU Inaccuracy of only 2 @ $2.50/MCF, what could you be losing?


10,000,000 CF FLow

40,000,000 CF FLow

70,000,000 CF Flow

100,000,000 CF Flow





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