The Mustang® Vaporizer is designed for flash vaporization of sample liquids in petrochemical plants, refineries, gas plants, & for vaporizing cryogenic liquids.

Sample liquid is maintained below its bubble point pressure and temperature until it enters the flash chamber where it is instantaneously vaporized. Heat for vaporization is transferred from an electrical cartridge heater to a low volume flash chamber having a very large heat transfer surface area.

The flash chamber is designed to maintain a homogeneous sample vapor that is representative of the liquid sample composition. The Mustang® Vaporizer has five times more heat transfer capacity than vaporizing regulators.

  • Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • ATEX/IEC Ex Certified
  • cETLus Certified
  • CRN Approved
  • Thermal cutoff
  • Versatile conduit connections
  • Integral heater and controller
  • Heater cartridge does not contact sample fluid
  • Large heat transfer capacity
  • Liquid bypass
  • Uniform liquid flash vaporization
  • No premature flashing or partial fractionation
  • Discrete hot and cool zones
  • Integral flow restrictor on inlet
  • Compatible with Mustang® Intelligent Vaporizer for LNG


Maximum allowable working pressure
3500 psig (241.3 bar)
Proportional temperature control range
95-200ºF (35-94ºC) (other ranges available upon request)
Thermal cut-off
Normally opens at 230ºF (110ºC) (other ranges available upon request)
Internal volume
40 cc
Port sizes
1/4” female NPT
Conduit connection
3/4” female NPT
Electrical enclosure classification
Class 1, Div 1 & 2, Groups B, C, D
Power rating options115 VAC, 375 Watts, 50/60 Hz, ± 10%
208 VAC, 375 Watts, 50/60 Hz, ± 10%
230 VAC, 375 Watts, 50/60 Hz, ± 10%
Wetted materials
Machined parts: 316 stainless steel/NACE compliant
All other metal parts: stainless steel/NACE compliant
O-ring: Viton® (other materials available upon request)