The Mustang® Sample Conditioning System (MSCS) ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers by delivering a heated sample through patented technology to the analytical device.

The Mustang® P53 Natural Gas Sample Conditioning System and Pony® probe enclosure are integral parts of the MSCS. The Pony® probe enclosure installs between 6” center‐to‐center thread‐o‐lets in close proximity to the remote mounted P53, allowing efficiency in any environment.

The gas sample is heated inside of the regulator, housed in the P53 unit, before and after the pressure is reduced eliminating hydrocarbon liquid condensation caused by the Joule‐Thomson effect during the pressure reduction.

  • Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • Patented technology delivers a heated sample to the analytical device utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • Ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers
  • Maintains gas at least 30°F above the expected hydrocarbon dew point.
  • Rated for Class 1, Group D, Div 1 locations