The Mustang® Moisture Analyzer System combines the Mustang® Sample Conditioning System (MSCS) and Modular Sample Control Panel to deliver representative samples to a moisture analyzer.

The MSCS provides optimal performance of the moisture analyzer by delivering a heated sample to the analytical device through patented technology.

The system’s compact and modular plug and play design allows easy maintenance when needed.

  • Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • Patented technology utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • Requires no external power or natural gas for proper operation
  • Rated for Class 1, Div 1, Group D locations
  • All-In-One Design
  • Easy Maintenance

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
{Mustang® P53} 3750 psig (259 BAR) @ 60ºF (16ºC)
{MMSCP} 200 psig (14 bar)
Single-stage MHR or Multi-stage MJTR
Wetted Parts
Machined parts: 316 stainless steel/NACE compliant
All other metal parts: stainless steel/NACE compliant
O-ring: Viton® (other materials available upon request)
AC Power120 VAC/240 VAC/24 VDC
Cabinet Sample Volume
0.51 cu. in.
Maintains Sample GasStandard set point at 120ºF (49ºC)
Adjustable from 60-400ºF (16-204ºC)
Cabinet Construction
Hotpressed Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) or Stainless Steel