The Mustang® Joule-Thomson Regulator MJTR is a four-stage pressure regulator designed to compensate for Joule-Thomson cooling during sample extraction. With a ratio controlled multi-piston design, the MJTR ensures the first three stages are always functional, even with fluctuations to the inlet pressure.

The MJTR can be utilized in any application requiring multi-stage pressure regulation for sample conditioning and calibration gas cylinders. A MJTR, located downstream of a sample probe, permits a 4-stage reduction in pressure without distorting the composition of a vapor sample.

When used in combination with insertion probes, the MJTR is the most practical means for conforming to the API 14.1 and GPA 2166 standards.

  • Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • CRN Approved
  • Offsets Joule-Thomson cooling
  • Low internal volume
  • No dead volume
  • First three stages ratio controlled
  • Adjustable outlet pressure
  • Aids in compliance with API 14.1 and GPA 2166 standards
  • All stages of regulation functional regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations
  • Optional heated assembly


Maximum Allowable Working Pressure6000 psig (414 bar)
Proportional temperature control range
-40ºF-400ºF (500ºF w/ Kalrez) [-40ºC-150ºC (260ºC w/ Kalrez)]
Port sizes
1/4” female NPT
Outlet pressure range0-10, 0-25, 0-50, 0-100, 0-250, or 0-500 psig
(0-0.69, 0-1.72, 0-3.45, 0-6.89, 0-17.24, or 0-34.47 bar)
Wetted materials
Machined parts: 316 stainless steel/NACE compliant
All other metal parts: stainless steel/NACE compliant
O-ring: James Walker
Optional: Viton®/Kalrez (other materials available upon request)