The Mustang® Bio-Gas Sample Conditioning System (MBGSCS) is designed for the bio-gas industry to maintain a representative sample of low pressure feed gas.

The patent-pending design obtains a sample through the Mustang® Sample Conditioning System - P53 & Pony® Heated Probe Enclosure system utilizing a patented power connection and offsets the effects of Joule-Thomson cooling.

Return on investment is maximized by ensuring optimal performance of customer-specified (depending on the level of bio-gas cleaning and end use of the gas) gas analyzers.

  • Analytically Accurate®
  • Patented-pending technology delivers a heated sample to the analytical device utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • Ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers
  • Maintains gas at least 30°F above the expected hydrocarbon dew point.
  • Rated for Class 1, Group D, Div 2 locations

Gas Sample Operating Pressure5.0 psig (1.358 BAR)
Type Z purge for dryer enclosure. Sample at minus pressure available upon request.
Wetted Parts316 SS
AC Power120 VAC/240 VAC/24 VDC
Electrical ClassificationClass1, Group D, Div 2
Maintains Sample GasStandard set point at 120ºF (49º C)
Adjustable from 60-400ºF (16-204ºC)
Skid Construction4" Galvanized steel and bolted construction