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Mustang® Corrosion Coupon Holder

  • MCCH


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The Mustang® Corrosion Coupon Holder (MCCH) secures a corrosion test coupon in the flowing gas by using an orifice fitting.  The MCCH allows monitoring of internal corrosion rates throughout a pipeline system without the need of additional access ports.

  • Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • Patented design
  • Fits into a standard orifice fitting
  • Available in range of sizes
  • High-density polyethylene dielectric barrier
  • Avoid costly installation through dedicated port
  • Short insertion and removal times
  • No construction required
  • Meets integrity requirements of pipeline operators

Coupon Holder Plate316 SS
Dielectric InsulationHigh-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Nylon screw
Ring Thickness1/8” thickness for orifice fittings 4”-8”
1/4” thickness for orifice fittings 10” and larger
Other thicknesses available
Plate Nominal Diameter4” Diameter
6” Diameter
Contact for other sizes

Solar Powered Pony® Heated Probe Enclosure

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The Pony® Solar Heated Probe Enclosure is patent pending system designed to provide and maintain heat for the sample probe directly at the sample point with a remote mount Mustang® Sample Conditioning System (MSCS).

The Pony® probe enclosure is an integral part of the MSCS, developed to install between 6” center-to-center thread-o-lets.

Consisting of a molded, insulated, and weatherproof clam shell design, the Pony® probe enclosure provides easy maintenance with steel latches and chain to prevent loss of lid.  Construction selections include hot press glass fiber reinforced polyester or stainless steel.

  • Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • Patented technology utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • 5 days autonomy (runtime without sun) minimum
  • Power for GC, MSCS, & Probe Enclosure
  • Power provided for cellular modem
  • Power for charge controller and load controller

AC Power120 VAC/240 VAC/24 VDC
Heating Components80 watt self-limiting block heater
Maintains Sample Gas98ºF (37ºC)
Cabinet ConstructionHotpressed Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester

Mustang Moisture Analyzer System

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Custom Mustang Moisture Analyzer System - MMAS - has a SpectraSensors H2O Analyzer included with the Mustang P53 Sample Conditioning System.  Field-Service provided by Valtronics Solutions.

Reducing Fugitive Emissions

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Fugitive emissions, such as methane - a large component of natural gas, are a source of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.  Working with our clients to reduce GHG emissions is an important aspect of the solutions available with Valtronics and Mustang Sampling

With the addition of the Mustang® P53 Sample Conditioning System being a non-venting device, Valtronics Solutions offers multiple options for enclosures and analyzer buildings to reduce their overall emissions of greenhouse gases.

Emissions control devices available for enclosures and analyzer buildings use catalytic combustion to oxidize the vented sample while maintaining atmospheric pressure.

NG Analyzer Building Emissions Control

Eductor designs can work with the Mustang® Modular Analyzer Distribution Panel to allow various options for driving gas (from inert gas to sample gas) to create a vacuum-like effect from a vent line and push the gas into a return line or flare gas for zero-emissions.


For more information on any of these devices or other options for your station, contact a Valtronics representative today!

How Analytically Accurate® is your Sampling System?

  • BTU Savings Chart

    BTU Savings Chart

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Acquiring a representative sample from your line is key to an Analytically Accurate® analysis.  With just a small difference in BTU caused from hydrocarbon dewpoint dropout through the Joule-Thomson effect, you can lose thousands of dollars and also obtain an inaccurate quality analysis.

Let's take a look and see what an Analytically Accurate® Sample Conditioning System can do for you...

Let's say a conservative MCF value is $1.00/MCF.  With only a BTU inaccuracy of 1 on a station that flows 10,000,000 SCF/day - you're losing about $300 per month or about $3,600/year... the cost for a decent marketing budget on a small company.

According to Henry Hub, the current MCF value (as of 10/20/2015) is listed at $2.47.  What happens when we're off by a more accurate difference of 2 BTU on a larger station, say 50,000,000, at this current price?

Daily, you're looking at an Analytically Accurate® Mustang® Sample Conditioning System saving you $7,500 per month!  That equals to $90,000 annually.  A nice salary... or two, right?

BTU Savings Chart

Download the MSCS Savings calculator and plug in your station's information for a more accurate look at what you may be losing.  Investing in the Analytically Accurate® line of products is a necessity - not only for the efficient patented power connection, but for the savings and quality control as well. Contact your local representative for more details.

Compact Sample Conditioning Systems

  • Pony® Sample Conditioning System

    Pony® Sample Conditioning System

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  • 5750

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Mustang Sampling® design teams strive to provide customer-driven Analytically Accurate® products and solutions.  With ever-evolving site conditions and requirements, no task is too large - or small - for our team to provide you with what you need.  The Pony® Sample Conditioning System ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers by delivering a heated and pressure regulated sample through patented technology to the analytical device while providing a compact all-in-one unit.


Pony® Sample Conditioning System

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The Pony® Sample Conditioning System (PSCS) ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers by delivering a heated and pressure regulated sample through patented technology to the analytical device.

The Pony® clamshell enclosure is a compact assembly designed to install between 6” center-to-center thread-o-lets without the need of a remote mount sampling system.

The Mustang® Sample Conditioning System avoids costly errors resulting from hydrocarbon dew point drop out by maintaining at least 30ºF above the expected hydrocarbon dew point.

  • Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • cETLus Certified
  • Patented technology utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • Requires no gas consumption or external power
  • Direct mount on pipeline fitting between 6” center-to-center TOL’s
  • Reduces maintenance by eliminating need to wrap probe in heat trace tape
  • Conforms to API 14.1 guidelines for hydrocarbon liquid removal and heat tracing
  • Rated for Class 1, Div 1 Locations

AC Power
120 VAC/240 VAC/24 VDC
Heating Components
80 watt self-limiting block heater
Maintains Sample Gas
98ºF (37ºC)
Cabinet Construction
Hotpressed Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester


Optional Controller Models

PSCS Oven Industries


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